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Nov 4, 2013 9:00am EST
you still lie today. >> you are so crazy you don't use your real name it's not alley. it is a nickname >> your nickname is what you write? you cannot go as your real name >> are you an absentee father. >> kirk: let's talk about -- [all talking at once] >> there is a warrant for your arrest >> and i haven't paid support you are... [inaudible] i hate you. don't to her don't talk to me >> what kind of twisted mother calls her own father -- >> kirk: backup. backup >> all right. carry on then. >> you're sick. sick, buddy. >> ally >> hi. >> kirk: nice to see you. did you keep casey away from morgan for three years? >> in 2006, yeah i was bitter because he went to the courts and he lied. he said i abandoned my child. that he had her since birth and i was nowhere to be found >> kirk: what about the kidnap allegations? >> if i was a kidnaper would i not be charged? >> kirk: you have to get caught >> 24 hours notice to return her. you got lucky. >> what judge gives a kidnaper 24 hours? a kidnaper gets a time-frame to bring back their child? >> i dropped the daughter off on your
Nov 8, 2013 9:00am EST
there was drug use started when i wasn't born yet, i don't know who said, hey hit the pipe or snort this line. i don't know that. but i know that she wasn't the only one. he at least takes responsibility for that part. but the thing about it is i seen so much going on in and out of my house, i thought it was regular for people to break into your house. for people to break into your house. i walked in one day with my parents and said look they didn't steal my teddy it's here on the couch. because our vcr was gone and tv and everything. >> i was accused of being abusive, yes. but amy -- by amy. >> but there was no abuse >> i never hit her mother >> i seen you grab my mother out of her car by her hair and black ice and fat lips i seen everything like that. >> amy you were three years old >> and what? does that matter? i am an intelligent woman. >> i'm not saying you did not see >> my 90 pound mom was able to attack you first or what? >> there is a lot of things you did not see, sweetheart >> there are a lot of things right you think i did not see i did see a lot of things. come on. i seen. >> i can
Nov 12, 2013 9:00am EST
>> if you thought it was bull and you use that -- >> don't blame me. [applause] [cheering] >> i think that being a strong woman is being able to keep your family togher. if you can't keep your family together then that is not showing strength. anybody can get a job and a deb bit card. anybody anybody can do that >> my family is together, baby. my family is together. i was in a relationship and he didn't want to marry me so i said peace. >> that's right. and then what happens is you end up with another child by another man. [all talking at once] >> both of their fathers are there. i do not choose to be with you i am not going to keep you from seeing your child. your relationship ain't got nothing to do with that child. and i told my sister she can have a simple relationship with you but to stay in the same house with you. you can do that. you can still be a father. >> a lot of the clapping you all don't understand that possibly because i have two women maybe i'm not going through the most heavenly experience. have you asked me if i want to leave? this ain't easy. this ain't easy at all
Nov 13, 2013 9:00am EST
that is coming out of his mouth is a big lie. and all you are doing is taking it. >> kirk: nirvana are you using drugs are you on heroin? >> no, i have not done drugs in a longtime. >> she does drugs everyday >> kirk: do you want to take a drug test? >> i will take a drug test. let's it. >> man, i will do it. but he needs to take one, too. >> i won't lie i've done bad stuff in my life.are you on dru? i had a bad time in my life when me and tiffany broke up. >> excuses, excuses, poor you, poor you >> am i talking to you? >> i am the slut? i know who my baby daddy is. i am n on the show you are. >> i don't want to hear your voice >> yeah, okay. i'm not a slut. >> kirk: nirvana are the kids with your mother? >> they are with my mother >> they are going to be with me. >> kirk: why aren't you with your kids? >> because she called cps on me telling them i'm addicted to heroin and everytime they tested me it came up negative. you test me right now and i will come up damn negative. i do not party every night >> kirk: we are going to send tate taton and nirvana for a drug test and has taton's super sper
Nov 11, 2013 9:00am EST
you hi >> i just ce out today because i need for our house to not have ion't want us to be walking around not talkingoach oer havingeef and we only talko chris abo i i wan u to figure out what he is doing behind our backs and wh is goi on and for us to make h choose or do whatever needs to happen because living the waye have been living with theying going on it'ot rkin >>irk:ut i says like nothing's going on behind your both of you. he is sleepig with what else is there? >> don know ifhat is the case. when i talk to him and ask him what is going on did anything happen when i wt to the store, anything like that -- >> kk: are youleeping with him? >> i am. >> are you sleeping with him? now we know. now we need to bring chris out or something but we need to figure out how we are going to -- we both have a kid with him. so we have to figureut how we are going to do this >> i am with that but i would like to understand how you would like us to live together because you walk around the house like you o the house. but i'm supposed to be in your world and you are doing whatever it is that y
Nov 6, 2013 9:00am EST
behind us. i am notearing you right now. i am not hearing you right now. >> kirk: all right. all right. well, let's reveal the dna results of tiara's daughter kalia. the dna results show that kalia you are the father of two-year-old kalia >> you are the father! the father! the father! >> are you going to get a job? are you going to stophe strip clubs and the friends and put the baby first? >> kirk: diana give him one second. >> you know what i'm going to do. you know what i'm going to do? >> kirk: get on that knee >> tiara, baby, i ain't been perfect i've been far from it i know it. that's my child. i have my dna test you never have to worry about anything ever again. >> kirk: back off diana. >> move. move. move, man. move, dude. will you marry me? >> he don't have a job >> yes. [cheering] >> backup. [cheering] >> i love you baby >> i love you, too. [cheering] >> kirk: all right. congratulations. less strip joints >> yes. >> and leave the circumstances behind it. and give him the time to do certain things. let me see that ring >> get out of the way. >> where is the baby at. [all talkin
Nov 1, 2013 9:00am EDT
'm used to somebody holding me. and sweating and stuffnd like you know what? it's 2:00 and is 3:30 and 4. and he come in and is loaded. oh, you messed up. let me go through the pockets. and i find condoms and his phone and text messages not just from one. we don't use condoms. we have been together for six years and we don't use it. it's like where are the condoms coming from? >> she needed to see tm. >> kirk: she was right then >> i bought the condoms so she could see them and leave. >> if you have them on the side of the door >> i have asked her to leave and she did not leave. we got into a fight >> you want me to leave? do you want me to leave? do you want me to leave? >> kirk: do you love her >> i do love this beautiful woman. i don't -- >> kirk: why are you trying to push her away >> i say she be lying to me. no. no. no. no. no. no. she is lying. so you understand what i'm saying is she bres up with me every week. listen closely. she break up with me every week, every other day. probably 52 times a year we broke up. >> that is true. i agree. >> with that being said, six years -- >>
Nov 5, 2013 9:00am EST
. i advise you to calm it down >> kirk: do you have feelings for her? >> yes, i d >> he used to be my best friend >> you used to be my best friend >> it is what it is >> kirk: and they are both cheating on each other. >> that is what i was saying. >> kirk: derek hang on. what did you do? >> what do you mean what did i do? cheating? cheating? >> kirk: you failed the lie detector test >> i know him. i told him about the times that i cheated. any other time that i've done anything else it was not while we were in. >> kirk: other than the one time and during the relationship have you had sexual intercourse with anybody else while in a relationship with eric and your answer was no and you failed that. >> really? [laughter] >> cheat on. >> really? >> kirk: but maybe he does have a valid poi where he is questioning the paternity >> i don't have 15 times. >> it don't matter. the other times,wo. >> no 15 people you a ho. really? >> do remember the times two? >> kirk: i just like watching you ask me questions: when we come back we will find out if eric is the father of his exgirlfriend's baby
Nov 7, 2013 9:00am EST
before us, who happened to be a lesbian it was her bra >> kirk: she kept herras -- >> i don't know how it ended up. the whole thing i don't know. >> kirk: now, when you got pregnant multiple women came forward and said they had been with michael >> now in 2012 that's when we got back together. and you know, i had worked on some of my issues, separately and michael worked on some of his issues. and we were at a good place. and we wanted to have a baby. it wasn't a surprise. we were trying and i got pregnant in april 2012. and then after that like i was five months pregnant and this girl contacted me like via twitter and said she had slept with michael. and i was five months pregnant and i'm like who are you? and she said her name was whatever. and i asked him about it and he completely said he didn't know her. like denied the whole thing this girl is crazy. and i want to believe him. and when -- >> kirk: did he know the woman on twitter? >> he said he didn't. but she sent me a picture of the two of them taken at a restaurant when he had been traveling, i guess, to new york. but he was i
Nov 14, 2013 9:00am EST
potential fathers and the other is backstage his name is anthony. anthony come on out and join us. [appuse] have you heard what has been going on? >> yes, i have. yes, i have. >> kirk: feelings? >>irst of all i would like to say that it's been a vy difficult situation for me first and foremost. knowing through facebook that it's possible that i have a child. ago?irk: and you learned a year >> just a year ago. >> kirk: and today is the first time you are meeting her. >> ever seeing her. >> kirk: and you have a year to make an effort for a visl snitch the effort that i made was contacting her through text. we mutually contacted. but it was still in the back of my mi like what if i went out to meet this young lady and it's still a possibility that am not her dad. i did not want to have mixed confusionn her head after the fact without knong firmly that i co be her father [applause] >> kirk: brittany what do you want to say? >> what if it is a possibility that i am. your daughter? >> well, if possible, the main imrtant thi for her is to get closure and support. i really don't know you, brother
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10